Kayla Bautista, Mixologist and Events Coordinator

Why did you want to work for Dry Land? "Well, back in 2019 I applied and was not hired but was told they would keep my application in case something came up, but I was really disappointed. So fast forward two years later and I saw there was another opportunity to apply- I was really into the Cactus spirit and I really enjoy the craft behind creating cocktails and I wanted to create cocktails at Dry Land."

What do you want people to know about you that is unique or surprising? "I can play the piano, a lot of people don't know that about me."

Where did you grow up? "In central Florida."

What are the activities/hobbies that you do for fun (besides working for Dry Land…  ) "Yoga, paddle board, play with my puppy and other people's puppies, and cry while taking a bubble bath and listening to Taylor Swift."  

If you had “One Perfect Day”, what would that be/what would it look like? "Right now my perfect day would be bike riding around town with my friends and hopping around to different taco shops for tacos and margaritas and thrift shopping."

What is one talent/skill you have that you are really proud of? "I can bake some pretty good GF stuff."

What’s your all-time favorite dish/food? "Chicken Piccata"

If you could enjoy the perfect cocktail, what would it be? "I do love a properly made mojito with Nicaraguan Rum, Flor de Caña"

What do you like best about Dry Land? "The community. And, I love how environmentally conscious we are."

Anything else about yourself you want to add? "Please bring your puppies in, so I can give them all the love."

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