Kylie O'Connor

December 09, 2022

An interview with Kylie O'Connor, one of our mixology team members, here, at Dry Land!

Why did you want to work for Dry Land? "I like working for family-owned businesses and places that feel like one big family and Dry Land certainly fits that bill.  I appreciate the attention to detail that goes into everything that we do here."  

What do you want people to know about you that is unique or surprising? "I am training for an ultra marathon that will take place in September." 

Where did you grow up? "Louisiana. Monroe, Louisiana"

What are the activities/hobbies that you do for fun (besides working for Dry Land… ) "Growing plants, taking care of my three dogs and two toads, yoga, weight lifting, hiking fourteeners, and climbing."

If you had “One Perfect Day”, what would that be/what would it look like? "Waking up in an isolated cabin in the mountains with a nice warm cup of coffee and going off and exploring all day and then curling up with a good book afterward."

What is one talent/skill you have that you are really proud of? "Procrastinating to the point that I've taught myself to work really well under pressure."

What’s your all-time favorite dish/food? "You can't go wrong with a good cheeseburger and fries. Oooh, oooh. No, no, no, crawfish etouffee. I just haven't had it in so long I forgot about it!"

 If you could enjoy the perfect cocktail, what would it be? "I'm tempted to say a Dry Land Spicy Margarita, because it is pretty much always the perfect cocktail."

What do you like best about Dry Land? "The people I work with, honestly."

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