Dry Land Joins Zero Foodprint

May 19, 2023

Wheat in front of a Land Cruiser that reads "Dry Land Distillers" on the door

We're proud to announce that Dry Land Distillers is the first distillery to join Zero Foodprint, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating agricultural climate solutions. 

Zero Foodprint

Zero Foodprint (ZFP) offers grants for farmers to switch to renewable faring practices to use the land - and the foods we eat and drink - to sequester carbon. Healthy soil can sequester more than half of the carbon humans produce each year - a viable solution to address climate change.

Zero Foodprint was named "Humanitarian of the Year" by the James Beard Foundation for their work in converting our food systems into a climate solution. The organization's science and research is leading to a fundamental change in how we approach the production and consumption of food. 

1% Makes a Big Difference

The goal of Zero Foodprint member businesses is to change the world one bite - and one sip - at a time. Here's how it works:

Think of it like improving the grid—of food and drink.

Prickly Pear cactus growing in a field

These programs can be practical and effective. Farmers and ranchers can reduce tilling, apply compost, plant cover crops, and incorporate animal grazing—practices that improve soil health by increasing the amount of life in the soil. That biomass is also carbon coming out of the atmosphere.

Dry Land Distillers Sustainability

Dry Land Distillers is directly aligned with Zero Foodprint goals and programs. We started with sustainability in mind - we carefully and deliberately choose raw ingredients that are significantly more sustainable to produce in the arid west. We are one of the leaders in the craft spirits industry in selecting heirloom and ancient grains that use less water, conserve topsoil, and require far fewer industrial inputs. Dry Land also supports small farmers, pays fair prices to the growers, and volunteers for organizations that support the local grain economy such as the Colorado Grain Chain.

Every purchase of a bottle of Dry Land Distillers Heirloom Wheat Whiskey or Dry Land Distillers Cactus Spirit helps to change our world for the better. 1% of the sales from these products goes to Zero Foodprint - a seemingly small amount, but powerful in numbers.

We encourage you to seek out and support restaurants and businesses that are part of Zero Foodprint. Your patronage can have a direct and measurable impact to reduce excess carbon and mitigate climate change - all through the foods you eat and the cocktails you enjoy.

 Woman with Dry Land Distillers t-shirt standing with arms up in the river

Saving Colorado Water and Soil

Dry Land Distillers will be sharing more projects in the near future that will have a direct and positive impact on our water, land, and people in Colorado. For example, we are working with several growers in the San Luis Valley of Colorado to support a Rye Resurgence program that will pay farmers to plant heritage rye in rotation between other crops. Rye is a wonderful cover crop - it uses less water than most other high-value food crops, helps to prevent erosion, conserves moisture, adds organic carbon, prevents weeds and reduces compaction. Dry Land Distillers will purchase the cover crop rye at fair prices directly from the growers to create 100% rye whiskey. 

I encourage all of us to take direct action by supporting and patronizing restaurants and businesses in Colorado that are ZFP members. You can find a list of members here

We’re so proud to work together to restore our wonderful Colorado landscapes so we can continue to enjoy their flavors for years to come.

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