Original Handcrafted Spirits

Every spirit we produce is mashed, fermented and distilled by the Dry Land Distillers team. We work with local farmers and producers to identify, cultivate, and restore native ingredients used in our spirits. Every Dry Land spirit is crafted to celebrate the unique flavors and personalities of the original ingredients.

Colorado Antero Wheat Whiskey

Colorado Antero Wheat Whiskey

Dry Land Distillers 100% Antero Wheat Whiskey is made with grain developed and grown by Colorado State University in partnership with Colorado growers. This grain is a hard winter wheat grown less than 30 miles...

Heirloom Whiskey

Heirloom Whiskey

Dry Land Distillers 100% Heirloom Wheat Whiskey is an American sipping whiskey made with grain from the desert of the southwest. We are one of the first to distill this grain, and it is believed...

Cactus Spirits Distilled From Prickly Pear Cactus

Cactus Spirit

This unique spirit (cactus liquor) is distilled from native prickly pear cactus. Using a process similar to mezcal, our cactus is smoked over a wood fire to create an earthy, smoky, and complex spirit. It...

Gin Distilled With Native Colorado Botanicals

Native Colorado Gin

Dry Land Distillers Gin is the first gin made with 100% native Colorado botanicals. It is a delicate, approachable gin, ideal for sipping neat or mixed with graceful tonics. The Colorado botanicals include elderberry, bee...

Pure Cane Rum Spirits Distilled from Cane Sugar

Pure Cane Rum (Silver)

Our Cane Rum is distilled from pure cane syrup and raw sugar cane sourced from a small family grower. We use our custom fabricated pot still to produce a smooth, silky, and refined rum. The...

Cactus Spirits Reposado Distilled From Prickly Pear Cactus

Cactus Reposado

Dry Land Distillers releases limited bottles of barrel-aged Cactus spirits each year. Our Cactus Reposado is aged between 3 - 12 months. Barrel aging in new or used whiskey barrels creates a gorgeous spirit that is reminiscent of...

Limited Release Spirits

We release one-of-a-kind spirts made with unique native and wild ingredients. Our process gives these spirits a smooth, rich flavor that is perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks. Whether you are looking for something new to try or a special gift for the spirits lover in your life, Dry Land Special Release Spirits are sure to impress. Order now and taste the difference!