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100% Honey Spirit

100% Honey Spirit


Dry Land Distillers + Still Cellars 100% Native Honey Spirit

We’re thrilled to release our first-ever 100% Honey Spirit just in time for Valentine’s Day. This is a very personal and important release for Dry Land. It is a collaboration spirit created by our good friends at Still Cellars who helped us get our distillery off the ground. They sourced pure local honey and began the long and arduous fermentation process before collaborating with Dry Land to finish the spirit. It is extremely rare, absolutely delicious, and a beautiful example of what good people can create when working together.

  • 42% ABV (84 proof)
  • 100% fermented and distilled local honey
  • Finished with a touch of 3rd Avenue Honey in each bottle
  • Unfiltered (Settling is normal - Shake before pouring)
  • $44 for 375 ml bottle

  • Tasting Notes

    • Delicate, slightly sweet and balanced
    • Luscious mouthfeel
    • Hints of wildflowers and grass
    • Elderflower on the nose
    • Hints of rosehips and light acidity
    • Lovely floral finish


    • Citrus (lemon and orange are perfect)
    • Hard cheeses and olives
    • Fresh pastas without red sauce
    • Spring vegetables, particularly artichokes and asparagus
    • Desserts such as pots de crème, crème brulee, gelato

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