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Heirloom Whiskey

Heirloom Whiskey

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Dry Land Distillers 100% Heirloom Wheat Whiskey is an American sipping whiskey made with grain from the desert of the southwest. We are one of the first to distill this grain, and it is believed to be the mother wheat strain of all the wheat grown in the west. It is a silky, elegant spirit that is perfect on the rocks or in your favorite classic cocktails.

Tasting Notes

This whiskey is a great stand alone. It's silky, grain-forward nature is perfect for sipping, or a simple old fashioned.

  • Nose - Honeysuckle, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Fig
  • Palate - Quince, Manuka Honey, Black Pepper
  • Finish - Walnut, Rooibos, Medium Finish White

Original Ingredients

  • Sonora Wheat - Dry Land Distillers Heirloom Wheat Whiskey is distilled from an heirloom wheat variety called White Sonora Wheat.
  • Pure Colorado Water – Our water comes from one of the most protected and highest quality native water basins in the country.
  • Original Yeast – We cultivate and harvest our yeast on site specifically for our heirloom grains.

Why White Sonora Wheat? This ancient heritage grain is drought tolerant, disease resistant, and highly adaptable making it a perfect wheat for the challenging Colorado climate. It has a long history in the Americas, and its rich, sweet and nutty flavors landed it on the Slow Food Foundation for Diversity Ark of Taste highlighting extraordinary foods at risk of extinction.

Distillation Process

Dry Land Distillers Heirloom Wheat Whiskey begins with locally grown ancient wheat that is malted in small batches. Our mash is 100% wheat and rocky mountain water. We use precise temperature control during the mash to activate the natural enzymes in the grain to convert the sugars – no artificial enzymes are used. Fermentation takes between 5 – 10 days using a yeast strain that we adapted specifically to work with the unique protein and enzymes found in the ancient grain. Our Heirloom Wheat Whiskey is minimally distilled in our custom-fabricated pot stills to retain much of the gorgeous grain-forward character and sweetness that makes our whiskey so unique and delightful.


  • 91 pts, Sunset International Spirits Competition
  • Gold Medal, 2020 Sunset International Spirits Competition
  • Silver Medal, 2020 USA Spirits Ratings Competition
  • Review: “This is the closest I’ve tasted to the Yamazaki 12 year. This however, is about half the price.” WHISKEY WASH

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