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Gin Distilled With Native Colorado Botanicals

Native Colorado Gin

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Dry Land Distillers Gin is the first gin made with 100% native Colorado botanicals. It is a delicate, approachable gin, ideal for sipping neat or mixed with graceful tonics. The Colorado botanicals include elderberry, bee balm, native juniper, rose hips, and other hard-to-find plants that each add character and nuance to the spirit profile. ~42% ABV

Tasting Notes

  • Nose - Juniper, elderflower
  • Palate - light spruce, Ranier cherry
  • Finish - Sage, pine

Original Ingredients

  • Colorado Grown Grain - Dry Land Distillers Gin is distilled from Colorado Grown Heirloom and Antero Wheat.
  • Pure Colorado Water – Our water comes from one of the most protected and highest-quality native water basins in the country.
  • Original Yeast – We cultivate and harvest our yeast on site specifically for our heirloom grains.
  • Native Colorado Botanicals - Our gin is a true native Colorado gin. We use only native botanicals such as rose hips, sage, juniper, and bee balm to unlock delicate, floral notes that create a gorgeous, light sipping gin.

Native Colorado Botanicals

Dry Land Distillers gin is made from Colorado-grown White Sonora or Antero wheat. We do a primary distillation in our custom post still and a secondary distillation in our 12-plate column still with a botanical basket in the top of the column. To preserve the delicate flavors of the native botanicals, we allow the vapor to pass only once through the gin basket.

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