Colorado Antero Wheat Whiskey

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Dry Land Distillers 100% Antero Wheat Whiskey is made with grain developed and grown by Colorado State University in partnership with Colorado growers. This grain is a hard winter wheat grown less than 30 miles northeast of the distillery. It has impressive spicy notes, lots of character, and offers a phenomenal backbone for traditional whiskey cocktails.
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Tasting notes

Tasting Notes

This whiskey's layered, deep nature lends itself well to stand up in a cocktail. From Manhattens, to mules, to Juleps, this is a great choice.


Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Stone Fruit


Molé, Ripe Fruit, Candied Orange


Caramel, Black Cherry, Black Tea, Long Finish

Points of distinction

Original Ingredients:

Colorado Grown Grain- We use Colorado Antero Wheat grown 30 miles from the distillery at Arnusch Farms.

Pure Colorado Water – Our water comes from one of the most protected and highest quality native water basins in the country.

Original Yeast – We cultivate and harvest our yeast on site specifically for our heirloom grains.

Why Antero Wheat?

This particular variety of wheat was developed at Colorado State University's Agricultural department as a viable and sustainable option for Colorado's climate. Because this is a true "dry land" wheat, irrigation is only used if water is available and needed, making it an ecologically desirable choice. That coupled with its inherent deep fruit flavor profile made it and easy choice to make a whiskey. We hope that you can taste the sun-kissed grain, and care taken to produce it, from seed to glass, in every sip.

Distilling process

Distilling Process

Dry Land Distillers Antero Wheat Whiskey begins with locally grown and malted wheat that was developed specifically to grow well in the harsh and dry Colorado environment. Our mash is 100% wheat and rocky mountain water. We use precise temperature control during the mash to activate the natural enzymes in the grain to convert the sugars – no artificial enzymes are used. Fermentation takes between 5 – 10 days using yeast that brings out the delicious natural fruit and spice flavors locked in the Antero wheat. Our Heirloom Wheat Whiskey is minimally distilled in our custom-fabricated pot stills to retain the grain-forward character and highlight the dark cherry and pepper notes that makes our Antero Whiskey the first choice behind any bar.




Silver Medal, 2020 Sunset International Spirits Competition

Silver Medal 2020 Rocky Mountain Spirits Competition

Bronze Medal, 2020 International Spirits Competition

“Perfect for toasting & slow sipping...I would gladly add to my collection & even buy on a regular basis.”


Featured Cocktail Recipe

Dry Land Distillers Manhattan


    • - 2oz Colorado Antero Wheat Whiskey
    • - Splash to 1/4 oz sweet vermouth of your choice
    • - Bar spoon of cherry juice from preserved cherries. (We use house-made whiskey cherries, but suggest a craft preserved cocktail cherry.)
    • - Preserved Cherry for garnish
    • - 2-4 drops orange bitters


  • 1
    Put a scoop of ice in your cocktail shaker or mixing glass and add the whiskey, vermouth, cherry juice and bitters.
  • 2
    Stir with ice for 15 seconds.
  • 3
    Strain over cherry into a martini glass.
  • 4

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