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Cactus Spirits Añejo Distilled From Prickly Pear Cactus

Cactus Añejo


Dry Land Distillers releases limited bottles of barrel-aged Cactus spirits each year. Our Cactus Añejo is aged between 1 - 3 years. Barrel aging in new or used whiskey barrels creates a gorgeous spirit that is reminiscent of earthy, peaty scotch - yet completely unique. 

The Añejo is absolutely beautiful as a sipping spirit - try it on a rock with or without a twist of lime. This spirit is typically between 82 and 88 proof depending on the barrel.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose - Cherry wood smoke, brown sugar
  • Palate - Sweet plantain, cream soda, clover
  • Finish - Pipe tobacco, earth

Original Ingredients

  • Prickly Pear Cactus – Native prickly pear cactus pads are smoked over a mesquite fire for 48 hours to merge the rich, earthy notes of the cactus with the complex bitterness of wood smoke. In season, fresh cactus fruit is added to boost the natural sugar content.
  • Raw Cane Sugar - Cactus pads have seasonal variations in sugar content. Raw cane sugar balances the sugar content of each mash, particularly when cactus fruit is out of season.
  • Pure Colorado Water – Our water comes from one of the most protected and highest-quality native water basins in the country.
  • Champagne Yeast –We rely on a traditional champagne yeast to ferment our cactus. The clean flavor profile of the yeast highlights the subtle earthy sweet notes of the cactus.

Distillation Process

Dry Land Distillers Cactus spirit originates with fresh cut prickly pear cactus pads. We slice the cactus lengthwise into strips and smoke it over a low temperature mesquite fire for 24 – 48 hours. We shred the cactus using a wood chipper and cook it at moderate temperatures in our mash tun. If fresh cactus fruit is in season, we add it to the mash for a boost of sugar; if not, we balance the sugar content with raw cane sugar. The cactus wash is fermented for approximately seven days before distillation in our custom pot still.

Our silver Cactus spirit is proofed down and bottled straight from the still. Dry Land Añejo Cactus is aged in new or used charred oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months before bottling.

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