2024 'Nog Off Results

December 16, 2023

What a competition! The 6th Annual Dry Land Distillers ‘Nog Off was the most creative and fiercely competitive field since we started. This year, we had excellent and creative recipes that moved the needle on just how delicious and unique ‘nog can be. The competition included amazing vegan, dairy-free, and carbonated ‘nogs that showcased the talents of every one of the contributors.

The results:

3rd Place - #3 – Boozy Sue’s Confections made the leader board with their Nutella-inspired ‘nog that won the hearts of many

2nd Place - #1 – The Dry Land Team showed up with a classic, creamy holiday ‘nog that ALMOST took out the reigning champion.

1st Place - #2 – The Firestone Cocktail Society does it again! Their salted caramel ‘nog is clearly the one to beat – but the vote tallies were close enough that there’s a possibility they could lose the crown in 2024!

While they didn’t make the leader board, January Coffee (#5), Urban Field Pizza (#4), and Rising Tiger Co. (#6) each crafted some amazing recipes that broke the mold on just how good eggnog can be. Because this year was so competitive, we’ll be publishing all the recipes so you can try any of them out at home.

We’re so grateful to all the participants for their spirited competition, good-natured rivalries, and dedication to making the ‘Nog Off a community event that welcomes all.

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