Glen Carmichael

December 09, 2022

Why did you want to work for Dry Land? I started working with Nels, assisting with some distillations at Still Cellars. We realized that my hospitality background could be of use opening the tasting room. I am still here. 

What do you want people to know about you that is unique or surprising? Besides hospitality, I have done some interesting things. I worked for an outfitter in the Rockies as a wrangler, and have travelled a good portion of the Colorado Trail on horseback. I was also the camp cook on those adventures. I spent 8 years as a firefighter in Summit county CO. 

Where did you grow up? Windsor, Ontario, Canada

What are the activities/hobbies that you do for fun (besides working for Dry Land… ) I like to hike in the mountains, summer or winter.  paddle board. Live music. Hobbies include restoring and listening to vintage stereo equipment. Also like to spend my time hunting that perfect piece in thrigft and second hand stores. Mid century focus.

If you had “One Perfect Day”, what would that be/what would it look like? Likely it would involve a hike with friends to a mountain lake, finish out the day with a nice dinner prepared by the group.

What’s your all-time favorite dish/food? Ciapinno!

If you could enjoy the perfect cocktail, what would it be?  Quite simple, a Dry Land Reposado on a rock

What do you like best about Dry Land? The Dry Land team has become my family in Colorado. Fun, and Support.

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