Adobo Cactus Cocktail

February 21, 2023

Our Adobo Cactus Cocktail is an award-winning creation that won accolades and a loyal following at the 5280 Dines event in Denver.

It combines the richness of our house made adobo with the smoky complexity of our Cactus Spirit to create a delicious and spicy treat.

We infuse our house made tonic with chipotle in adobo and a touch of lime.  The beautiful tang of the adobo tonic with its rich and sweet undertones makes the smoked Cactus Spirit shine. 

It is a full-bodied, rich cocktail that pairs well with seafood, pickled foods, and rich dishes that can hold up to the complex flavors in the cocktail.

We paired it with smoked octopus from Annette, the 2022 James Beard winner in the Stanley Marketplace – an incredible combination.

Yield: 2 cocktails



  1. Mix all ingredients with a spoon that is dipped into a can of Chipotle and Adobo.
  2. Double strain into two small rocks glasses over a large cube.

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